Weekly Diggz: Freddie Joachim

Joachim & fellow producer Question’s  new vinyl podcast below.

I know we haven’t done weekly diggz in awhile, but we are back at it with a dope producer you may have heard of.  Freddie Joachim (pronounced “JO-AH-KIM”)  is  this weeks diggz and has been doing his thing since 96′. Starting out as a battle DJ/turntablist, eventually turned to producing and is pretty damn good! Joachim has produced for hip hop and soul artists internationally from North America through Europe and Asia. We’d describe his music  jazzy and soulful all at the same time.

Be sure to check out his recent instrumental releases “Midway,” “Olive Juice-Love Remixes Vol 1.” along with the rest of his musical catalog HERE.

More Info at:

Freddie Joachim

3 thoughts on “Weekly Diggz: Freddie Joachim

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